League of Legends to remove promotion series in Split 2

By Melany Moncada


Jun 10, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends is removing the promotion series and adding a new tier to ranked.

Riot Games decided to divide 2023 into two splits. In the second split of the year, all ranks will be reset, and players will climb again. The rank reset is not the only major change coming during the second half of the year.

League of Legends is adding a new tier, Emerald. While it might be new to League of Legends players, Wild Rift players are already familiar with this rank. It exists between Diamond and Platinum.

According to Riot Auberaun, the player base is disproportionately distributed. The majority of the players are stuck in Bronze, Silver, and Gold, with only a small fraction advancing to Platinum. Riot believes it is not an accurate representation of the player’s skill level, hence the new rank. The idea is to distribute the players evenly, rewarding those who have the skills to be in a higher rank.

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Adding a new tier would be pointless without acknowledging one of the reasons why players are stuck, the promotions series. Riot already changed the promotion series requirement from five games to three, but now, it’s getting rid of the promotion series entirely.

Starting in Split 2, players won’t have to go through the promotion series. Players will advance through the tiers based on their LP, making the climb easier.

When does LoL ranked 2023 Split 2 start?

Split 1 started in January and is scheduled to end on July 17. At this point, all ranks will be reset. Unlike previous seasons, this reset won’t be as drastic, with only five placement games required.

It is unclear if Split 2 will start the following day on July 18 or if there will be a small break between Splits. Considering the reset is happing while the professional competitive season is ongoing, it would be in Riot’s best to start Split 2 as quickly as possible.