LCS is resuming activities, LCSPA announces

By Melany Moncada


Jun 8, 2023

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The LCS is resuming activities on June 14, the LCS Player Association announced through Twitter.

It is a historical day for professional League of Legends players in North America. According to the LCSPA, they had reached an agreement with Riot Games and the LCS teams to ensure the future of the NACL.

The LCSPA held a vote to stage a walkout, which received more than 90% of support from active LCS players. The vote came as a response to Riot’s decision to remove the requirement for LCS organizations to field an academy team. As a result of the vote, the start of the LCS Summer Split was delayed, with Riot threatening to cancel the season and, consecutively, North America’s participation in the World Championship.

After a week of negotiations, there is a new deal on the table. While it doesn’t repair the damage already done, the agreement ensures a more stable future for up-and-coming NACL players and teams.

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Some of the terms include:

  • $300,000 split among the ten NACL teams to boost player salaries
  • 50% of NACL sponsorship is to be shared among the teams
  • 30 days’ severance pay for termination without cause and 15 days’ notice for any player on a visa
  • Teams will ensure all foreign players have healthcare available by the first day they are in the US

Starting in 2024, the NACL will have a Team Participation Agreement. This means that teams must meet certain standards in order to receive any kind of revenue share.

While it is not everything the LCSPA wanted, it is a step in the right direction. Any change that ensures a stable and fair work environment for players is a positive change.

Is the LCS strike over?

Technically speaking, the LCS was never on strike. In order for the players to stage a walkout, the season had to start. Since the season didn’t start on June 1 as previously scheduled, players never had the opportunity to stage the walkout. Since there is an agreement, players will return to the LCS studio.

The LCS will resume its activities on June 14.


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