League of Legends streamer TF Blade explains why he was banned from Twitch

By Olivia Richman


Sep 12, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Team Liquid League of Legends streamer Ashkan “TF Blade” Homayouni had his Twitch account suspended, once again halting the streaming of his journey to become the top-ranked solo queue player in every region. 

According to a TwitLonger TF Blade posted earlier today, he was banned for using the words “dog” and “unintelligent” to describe the people in the region he was playing in. Although TF Blade noted that he had “no intentions of hurting anyone” with the words he used out of frustration, he admitted that his actions were wrong. 

TF Blade stated that he was “behaving this way” because of the time pressure he was under in his goal of getting to the top rank in 10 days. He said he played up to 16 hours a day, and would sometimes wake up and play in the middle of the night. The exhaustion defintely played a part, he said. But his biggest frustration came from his teammates, much like the first time he was banned for the same offense in Turkey. 

“So I started playing and playing but people would just purposely target int me and be toxic to me with the intentions of preventing me from my goal. It was getting very frustrating, so I contacted Riot Games for help, telling them about the situation, provided proof and submitted tickets to get these players punished so that I can achieve my goal,” TF Blade said. “But nothing ever happened to those players as they continued to ruin my games.”

TF Blade stated that he was scared to tell his followers why he was banned from Twitch at first because he felt it would be bad for his reputation. This left his fans in the dark for a day, wondering why TF Blade had his account suspended in Turkey again. 

“This trip has legitimately been a test of persistence: Longest I have streamed on a laptop with no PC or stable internet, hardest I have been inted in games, and most disappointed with the outcomes when I chose not to give up, but the circumstances gave me no other choice,” TF Blade admitted before opening up in a TwitLong just seven hours later. 

He then said he was leaving Turkey to head back to Canada. 

“My sincerest apologies goes to the people that I hurt. You have to believe me when I tell you that was never my intention. I have always had a dream of encouraging people, not discourage. I can promise you that I will give it my very best to make sure this will not happen again,” TF Blade concluded. 

Turkey has become a very disheartening region for TF Blade this past month. At the beginning of September, the League of Legends streamer had his League of Legends account banned for “abusive comms” when he reacted poorly to his teammates attempting to intentionally lose the game once they realized who he was. 

The Reddit community seemed to be on his side during the first incident, but things were a bit more split this time around. Many users called him “toxic,” noting that saying things like “dogshit region” isn’t correct or funny. His other insults, which allegedly included things like “Turkish dog,” were intentionally racist and deserving of punishment. 


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