League of Legends players discover hidden PsyOps missions

By Christian Vejvad


Aug 26, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

The new PsyOps skin line was recently announced by Riot Games, but now players have discovered hidden in-game missions that grant a new icon, a Hextech key, and a chest. 

While the PsyOps skins are not yet on the live servers, players can already get a sneak peek at some of the new PsyOps missions, which might come along with a new in-game event in an upcoming patch.  

The new missions will reportedly be activated after playing five games with a champion from the PsyOps skin line. This includes Sona, Ezreal, Master Yi, or Vi. You don’t necessarily have to play the same champion throughout, as long as you’re playing one of the aforementioned champions.  

PsyOPs Icon

The five games will unlock a new mission and a summoner icon that is not yet available through the store. The mission is called “Operation: Songbird Extraction” and is most likely the first in line of the upcoming PsyOps missions.

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Completing the mission gives a Hextech chest and key as a reward. Not only do you get the loot, but apparently the mission also unlocks 13 additional missions. The additional missions will not yet show in the missions tab, which means that we will probably have to wait for the actual event in order to see those. 

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Hidden missions for Black Rose Group skin line discovered

After the PsyOps mission was found, others on social media discovered a mission connected to the new Black Rose Group skin line. This skin line includes Zed, Pyke, Viktor, and Kayle, and it’s also unlocked by playing five games in a row with one of the involved champions. 

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The two skin lines are expected to hit live servers within the next few patches. Until then, it will be possible to take advantage of these hidden missions and secure some unique loot before everyone else. The missions can reportedly be unlocked both through normal and bot games. 


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