Riot Game adds brand new PsyOps skin line to LoL PBE

Christian Vejvad • August 4, 23:25

The new PsyOps skin line in League of Legends has just hit the PBE servers in the newest update. 

Riot Games has been pushing out a lot of new skins during the summer and they are not done yet. The recent Spirit Blossom event brought us new skins to champions such as Lillia, Yasuo, Thresh, Vayne, and Teemo. The skin line was introduced along the Spirit Blossom event pass and Nexus Blitz.

The new PsyOps skin line just hit the PBE and will be another tech-themed skin line. Here are the champions that are included in the new PsyOps skin line.

  • Ezreal + prestige 
  • Sona
  • Vi
  • Master Yi
  • Shen
  • Hextech Ziggs

All skins have new effects and sounds, and their abilities have been customized to reflect the new designs. The Sona skin will be a bit different from the others since she will transform when she hits level 6, just like the Pulsefire Ezreal skin is known to do. Ezreal fans will also be treated with a PsyOps prestige edition skin in addition to the standard version. 

PsyOps Ezreal + Prestige edition

PsyOps Sona

PsyOps Shen

PsyOps Vi

PsyOps Master Yi

Hextech Ziggs



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