League of Legends fans not happy with Riot’s new loot drop system

By Olivia Richman


Jul 20, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

League of Legends fans are not too happy with Riot’s new LEC and LCS drops. 

In the past, League of Legends players received emotes, icons, and other in-game rewards for watching LEC and LCS matches. On June 4, Riot outlined their new and improved drop system, which would offer skin shards, chromas, prestige points, Clash tickets, and even promotions from Riot’s brand partners

League of Legends developers also made the reward system a bit more interactive. Instead of receiving the awards for watching the game for a bit, fans watching the matches through Riot’s website will be rewarded with drops when different in-game plays are made, such as a player getting a pentakill or a team stealing a Baron. 

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But many League of Legends viewers are not happy with the reality of the drops. While skin shards and Prestige Points were expected, most of the reported drops have been disappointing for the players speaking out. Not only have the drops been underwhelming to these players, but many viewers feel manipulated into watching certain matches by Riot. 

Some LoL esports fans took to Reddit to complain about the new system, with many overseas viewers expressing frustration over feelin that they were forced to watch the LCS in hopes of better drops when they would prefer to watch their own regional leagues. 

Riot has stated in the past that this new loot drop system will be implemented into the LPL and LCK as well. No date has yet been announced for this.

Riot has not responded to complaints over their new reward system. It’s unknown if the company plans to address any of the complaints fans have made, and if it plans to continue funneling viewers to specific matches through the promise of potential rewards.


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