LCS, LEC LoL watch rewards to include sponsored drops this summer

By Melany Moncada


Jun 6, 2020

Reading time: 1 min

Riot Games is introducing exclusive sponsored drops into the LCS and LEC broadcast starting this summer split.

Fans watching the action live through LoL Esports’ website are eligible for exclusive digital goods including skin shards, prestige points, chromas, and Clash tickets. The drops will be available from June 26 to the end of the split. The drops are open to fans from all regions, so anyone watching can get the goods. Players can keep track of drops earned on the Rewards tab. Some of the sponsors involved are Mastercard, State Farm, Alienware, Kia, and Kit Kat. 

The drops will celebrate big moments such as Baron steals, pentakills, and game fives in the playoffs. Every time something interesting happens on screen, players will get a reward. This is the first activation of its kind and will serve as a test for future initiatives. Riot is planning on enabling drops in the rest of the regions later on.

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Back in May, Riot incorporated banners into Summoner’s Rift to showcase the different sponsors for each league. The banners made their debut on the OPL broadcast on Friday, but they currently only show Riot’s logo.

How to get LoL Watch Rewards?

League of Legends fans can earn different rewards by watching live matches. The first step is to go to LoL Esports’ website and login using a Riot account. Go to the Reward tab and check what’s the next goal.

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These missions will increase progressively as the season goes on. It starts with watching one game, and eventually might go up to 12 games. The system considers that a viewer watched a game if they stay on the channel for at least ten minutes.

Fans can advance on the watch rewards missions no matter which region they’re watching but drops are limited to the LEC and LCS broadcasts. LCS Academy is not included in the reward system.