Latest CSGO update adds new stickers based on Warhammer 40K

Nick Johnson • May 28, 00:17

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has a new update and it’s chock full of customization options for hardcore players. Valve has added a brand new sticker pack to Counter-Strike for those dedicated citizens of the Imperium to enjoy.

In a surprise update that no one knew they wanted, CSGO’s brand new sticker capsule comes straight out of the 41st Millenium. The Warhammer franchise has an avid fanbase, and this sticker pack may mean that another Warhammer 40K game is on its way soon. After all, CSGO released its Halo Sticker Pack when Microsoft’s Halo anthology, The Master Chief Collection, made its debut on Steam.

Not only that, but developers have added the option to customize Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s main menu screen. This increases the amount of control CSGO users have on how they can customize their experience. Before, users had to dive into CSGO’s Panorama code in order to choose their backgrounds. Now, Valve is giving them several options to choose from. Users can now choose from Blacksite, Cobblestone, Anubis, Chlorine, Nuke, Vertigo, and the nighttime Phoenix Compound background from Danger Zone’s Sirrocco map.

Finally, the developers also added an image that will display in the kill feed when a player is killed by a detonating bomb.

The CSGO update also includes a huge amount of backend updates for the shooter, including fixes to grenades and how they respond to both doors and players in-game. Valve also released a handful of optimizations that mainly have to do with how the CSGO client responds to certain graphical options, as well as updates to the original Source Development Kit that’s available to anyone who purchases the full version of Counter-Strike. 

Although it isn’t a full port to Source 2, it’s a sign that Dota 2 isn’t the only Valve property to get all the love. 

And 40K fans should know, “only in death does duty end.”

For the Emperor!


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