Latest CS:GO update brings big changes to Vertigo, Abbey

By Steven Rondina


Apr 4, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

When people claimed that the latest addition to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map pool wasn’t fit for high-level play, they were right.

That’s what Valve seems to think, as Vertigo received another set of tweaks in the latest update to the game. This is the fourth set of adjustments to the map since March 19.

For the most part, the tweaks to the skyscraper-themed map were minor fixes including remedying some clipping issues and a number of visual hiccups like pixel gaps around props. The A bombsite ramp and surrounding scaffolding received a number of changes with a boost spot being removed, visual gaps between tarps getting covered, and holes that could make dropped weapons unreachable being filled.

There were also a few key changes that all players will recognize, both of which largely aid the T side.

The largest is the addition of a new metal crate on the B side bombsite. The new piece of cover is placed next to a window, giving players that drop into the area a great deal of protection. It also provides an extra hiding spot for pushes onto the bombsite through stairs.

The other key change came to a wallbang spot that was easily used by the CT side. Players were able to shoot at the elevator doors across from CT spawn, which would send bullets into the T-side entrance to mid. This allowed CT players to shoot into the high traffic area with an auto sniper or rifle, but also allowed players to buy a heavy machine gun and spray into the passageway with minimal risk.

Though players can still do so, the wallbang damage through the elevator doors has been reduced heavily.

In addition to the changes made to Vertigo, Abbey’s B bombsite was given a serious overhaul.

The boxes dotted around the bombsite were shifted around or removed, and a tree was added to the middle of the map to provide additional cover. Interestingly, the sky box was raised around the bombsite, allowing for grenades to be thrown onto the site from mid and CT spawn. Finally, the nearby building has been extended further towards the site.

The updated versions of Abbey and Vertigo are available for play now. The full patch notes can be found on the official CS:GO blog.


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