LA Valiant’s FCTFCTN talks globalization, Orisa, and OWL fans

By Olivia Richman


Aug 5, 2019

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The Los Angeles Valiant took down the Dallas Fuel, bringing them to a 10-14 record for the Overwatch League’s second season. Currently in 14th, the team is aiming for at least 12th place, which would give them a chance to fight for a spot in the playoffs. 

Tank main Russell “FCTFCTN” Campbell told that his team is taking it one match at a time.

How are you feeling about your win today? 

FCTFCTN: The win feels good, but we didn’t play particularly well. Dallas Fuel played really well, and caught us off guard with their playstyle. So we struggled a bit on the first map. But we adapted throughout the series. I wish we could have played up to our full potential. 

What could you have improved on? 

Mostly capitalizing on various cooldown windows. We were getting advantages in a lot of fights, but failing to close the fights out. If we focus on teamwork and windows a bit better, we’ll improve for next week. 

Were there any moments that surprised you in the match? 

I wasn’t necesarily surprised, but we knew they’d want to play a lot of Reaper and Mei on Busan. But they were very effective with that composition. A lot of teams are running it now, and we’ve had a good success rate in mirror during scrims this week. But against Dallas, they were playing in a way that made it hard to capitalize on their mistakes. 

Was there any plays you were particularly proud of? 

There was a fight on our Route 66, at the second point defense. Taimou was flanking on Widow by the gas station, on the far left. The rest of the their team was pushing up the right side stairs. I called to six-man push to just go wipe them with Orisa’s Supercharger. We got three kills and instantly won the fight. 

You’re in 14th, very close to the 12th place spot. How are you feeling going forward in Stage 4? 

We are taking it one game at a time. Our coaches told us to treat each game like it’s a playoff game. That’s what they’re expecting from us. We are putting 200 percent into every practice, every day, and every match. 

What teams are you most looking forward to playing against? 

I’m definitely looking forward to playing against the Gladiators. The battle of LA. It’s a classic rivalry. Also the San Francisco Shock, because they’re one of the best in the league, and because of the California Cup. 

Being an LA team based in LA, how does it feel having so much support from fans in the audience? 

It feels great. We were definitely not playing up to our potential in the first two maps. I remember looking into the crowd and seeing them cheering. Seeing all the signs. Some in particular were in support of each individual player. It instantly boosted my spirits. I knew we could play better, and that we needed to play better for the fans that showed up to watch us play. 

How do you feel about OWL becoming global next year? 

I think globalization will bereally good for the league overall. It’ll be easy to have more fan activation. There is a ton of OWL fans all over the world. But not all of them can be here in the Blizzard Arena.

Based on the Homestands, the fans will turn out, and they’ll turn out like crazy. Especially in these passionate cities and countries. I know Chinese fans will come out in droves. That’s super cool.

I also think that traveling internationally is one fo the best things you can do, especially for people my age in the OWL. It helps expand the way you think about the world. I’m really excited to travel and expose other people to traveling. 

Where are you most looking forward to playing in the next season? 

It’s hard to choose just one. But I’m looking forward to playing in Seoul. I’ve never been to Korea, and South Korea has been this esports mecha for decades now. Everything I’ve heard about, from teammates who are from there or visited, it just sounds amazing. It sounds incredible. 

You played a lot of Orisa today. Why do you think Orisa is so successful in 2-2-2 role lock? 

Orisa is very powerful in 2-2-2 because she has the highest shield up time. She can provide the most protection if the enemy is playing a long-range sniper-based comp. She is also the only tank with crowd control immunity, which makes her very effective against a Mei-based comp. She can break out of the Mei freeze.

She is the only tank that has threatening long-range damage. It’s not super threatening, but it is there to worry about. In 2-2-2, it’s all about keeping your distance until it’s the right tiem to strike. 

Why do you think she is favored over Reinhardt, who we have barely seen since Stage 4 began? 

If you take away everything that makes Orisa powerful, that’s Reinhardt. No long-range damage or mobility. And his shield doesn’t have as high up time as Orisa’s. Because the roles are locked, and each player has to fulfill a niche, the cost of selecting Reinhardt is too high. 

Do you think you’ll ever play Winston? 

I played it a little bit against Paris. It depends on how the meta evolves in Stage 4. Perhaps teams will discover new compositions that deal with the Mei, Hanzo, Orisa comp that many teams arep laying right now. But as of right now, I don’t see myself playing anything besides Orisa. 

How has your role as a tank changed since the 2-2-2 role lock? What are some major differences in play style and strategy you’ve had to get used to? 

In the previous meta, you were the tempo caller. You were the guy who set the stage. Everyone followed. You were the guy that did a lot of damage and finished a lot of frags. The primary playmaker.

In 2-2-2, you don’t have that role anymore. Your job is a lot more supportive compared to 3-3. It’s your job to enable your DPS players and your support players to do what they need to do to succeed. It’s a big mindset shift, from a big playmaking force to a big supportive force. 

Do you miss GOATS? Do you miss that playstyle as a tank main? 

I don’t want to say I miss 3-3, but I miss having that playmaking potential. Orisa, right now, doesn’t have as much playmaking potential as Reinhardt had in 3-3.

That’s just a fact of life. Laying down a big bongo is cool and very fight-winning, but it’s nowhere near as satisfying as hitting that five-man shatter. 

Do you feel your team will benefit from the role lock? Were you nervous when it was first announced? 

I wasn’t nervous, but I feel it’s very normal to not want things to change. We were very comfortable in the previous meta, and had success. But I knew we would be successful in 2-2-2 because we have a really talented coaching staff, and DPS players who are willing to listen and learn. Our team environment’s really good. So a new meta would be easy to learn and adapt to.


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