LA Valiant hold open tryouts after poor OWL Stage 4 results

By Olivia Richman


Sep 5, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

The Los Angeles Valiant Overwatch League franchise is holding open auditions. 

“We feel that everyone deserves a shot at playing on the big stage,” the Valiant tweeted, with a link to where potential players can apply. 

Along with some basic questions, the Valiant also want to know which role players are applying for. These roles includes main tank, off-tank, main DPS, flex DPS, main support, and flex support. The team also asks what your peak rating is during the role queue beta on the role you previously selected. They also want to know your peak rating during competitive seasons 16 and 17. 

There are some open-ended questions for applicants. The Los Angeles Valiant ask Overwatch players what they consider their best skills “to help you succeed in a team environment,” what their general goals are in the application, and what makes their application stand apart from those submitted by other applicants.

“What can you provide to the team that others can’t?” the Valiant asks in the final question. 

Entry closes on September 10. It’s not yet clear what will happen next for applicants who manage to catch the Valiant’s attention. 

The future of the current Los Angeles Valiant is also unclear going into Season 3. The team finished with an unfortunate 12-16 record at the end of Stage 4, just missing their chance to compete in the season-ending Play-Ins. Their Homestand Weekend event was their last chance to qualify, but they lost to their biggest rival, the Los Angeles Gladiators. 

Most Overwatch League teams make offseason roster changes and additions, and it looks like Los Angeles Valiant will definitely be among those teams switching things up. The open tryouts could simply mean the Valiant are looking to add more players to their roster to deal with upcoming potential meta shifts. Or perhaps some of their current players could be traded or benched in the near future. 


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