KRIMZ breaks NiKo’s Dust 2 kill record with 44 kills before OT

By Nick Johnson


Dec 4, 2019

Reading time: 3 min

Freddy “KRIMZ” Johannsan broke the world record for kills on Dust 2 during regulation in Fnatic’s ESL Pro League Season 10 finals group stage match against MIBR earlier today. The 25-year-old rifler slammed MIBR on the classic map, putting up 44 kills on the Brazillian team before the map went to overtime.

KRIMZ’s performance broke the previous world record of 40 kills set by Nikola “NiKo” Kovač almost two years ago during the ECS Season 4 Finals. Despite a record-breaking performance from KRIMZ, Fnatic somehow managed to drop Dust 2 with a final score of 19-16 in overtime.

KRIMZ broke the Dust 2 record, other two maps were subpar

Every once in awhile, a player has a game that defies all expectations. Today’s match on Dust 2 was that game for KRIMZ. The veteran Fnatic player amassed a rare 1.88 rating over the course of the match with crisp aim and some impressive wallbangs that had even the casters surprised.

All of this was made more impressive by the fact that Fnatic wasn’t just beating up on a weak seed. Even though both Fnatic and MIBR found themselves in the lower bracket, their match on Dust 2 is a game worth watching.

MIBR came into ESL Season 10 Finals on the upswing. While they weren’t at Major winning form, the team looked dangerous on Dust 2. KRIMZ is the only reason Fnatic even made it to overtime, as the rest of his team looked like dead weight besides the odd Robin “flusha” Rönnquist play.

By round 10, KRIMZ was 20/3/3 as Fnatic led MIBR on their CT side 8-2. MIBR learned an important lesson today: Don’t ever give KRIMZ a Krieg on Dust 2. While he slowed the pace after the halftime switch, KRIMZ was the best player on the server.

By the time MIBR won the map, KRIMZ looked like the only member of that had actually played the game. His final stat line was 47 kills to 24 deaths for a +23 kill to death differential and 129.1 average damage per round. For comparison, Maikil “golden” Selim only had 22 kills total. 

KRIMZ was impactful for Fnatic on record breaking Dust 2

KRIMZ wasn’t just fragging either, as he led the server in opening kills. If a player is winning opening duels, they’re immediately giving their team an advantage. 

His KAST, or the percentage of rounds where he got a kill, an assist, survived the round, or was traded by a teammate, was 85.7%. The stat is used to show how effective a player was overall. 

At 85.7%, KRIMZ was more effective in all aspects of play that anyone else on the server. It’s an incredible amount of involvement, especially on a map like Dust 2.

Normally, the map’s lengthy rotation times and long sightlines will lead to saves instead of retakes and often lowers player participation, especially when it comes to the KAST stat. Today, KRIMZ didn’t care did whatever he wanted.

What’s strange is that KRIMZ made little to no impact on the two maps that Fnatic won. In fact, he was the lowest scoring player on the team on both Inferno and Vertigo. But today, KRIMZ gets to have his record.

Fnatic won the series against MIBR 2-1 to advance to the lower bracket finals. The team suffered a big loss to Evil Geniuses during the opening day of group play at the ESL Pro League Season 10 Finals.

Fnatic faces off against 100 Thieves tomorrow morning at 9:35 AM EST. The winner of that match will advance to the EPL quarterfinals, while the loser goes home.