KovaaK goes free, gives away 3080 GPUs for Latency Challenge

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 15, 2021

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A free week for KovaaK is the perfect time to try out the best aim trainer.

First-person shooter training tool KovaaK 2.0 has officially left its beta period. To celebrate, the developer New Meta has teamed up with NVIDIA for a special contest. The prizes include esports-ready monitors, mice, and RTX 3080 Ti graphics cards. KovaaK will also become free to download and play for a full week to celebrate the official launch of the FPS training tool. Existing fans can express their love for the best aim trainer with a new line of merchandise.

The NVIDIA Latency Challenge is designed to test the effects of input latency on precision in first-person shooters. The Latency Challenge will run from December 14 to 21 and is open to all players. While there is a leaderboard to flex your top scores, the drawing for the event’s prizes is entirely random. Just downloading KovaaK for free and giving the Latency Challenge a try will enter you to win any of the following prizes:

  • Nine NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Graphics Cards
  • Nine Logitech Pro X Superlight Mice
  • Nine MSI Oculux NXG253R 360 Hz Gaming Monitors

The competition is entirely free to enter, and you don’t need to even own a copy of KovaaK to play. To commemorate the official launch, KovaaK is free to play between December 14 and 21.

If you decide you like KovaaK after playing it for free and want to keep using it after the free period ends, the game is currently on a steep sale for the holidays. The normal $9.99 price is reduced to $4.99 until December 22. The complete bundle which includes the tracking trainer is similarly reduced to $6.73. If you’re looking for a Valorant or CSGO-themed Christmas gift, a copy of KovaaK isn’t a bad idea. Valorant and CSGO players might just appreciate the gift of a new way to level up their game.

KovaaK launches mousepad line

In addition to the Latency Challenge and free week, Kovaak 2.0 is also launching an official merchandise line. Aim training fans can upgrade their battlestations with a new line of mousepads

The new Kovaak merch line is a collaboration between New Meta and EspTiger. Each mouse mat has a different design and construction materials, including a Puru+ base on the TRGT and KAOS models. They range from $34.99 to $39.99, making them a perfect compliment to a Christmas KovaaK gift bundle.


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