Apex Legends cheater

Known Apex Legends cheater invited to compete in Pro League 3

By Olivia Richman


Jul 21, 2022

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The competitive community is baffled after an accused Apex Legends cheater was invited by publisher EA to play in an upcoming Pro League 3 tournament.

Hacking and cheating are common issues in the battle royale, but it becomes an even bigger controversy when it’s in a professional setting. Brazilian Apex Legends player Alefe “FeuFPS” Dos Santos was thrust into the spotlight in February 2022 when he was accused of using a wall hack by pro player Stalizy.

FeuFPS was accused of cheating in the past but it never went further than some suspicions. But Stalizy provided concrete proof that FeuFPS was using a wall hack in a video that went viral within the Apex Legends competitive community.

At the time, FeuFPS was an EA partner known for having the most kills in the world. Stalizy felt this could be the reason why it took so long for FeuFPS to finally get banned despite all of the proof made available. But it wasn’t long before FeuFPS was unbanned and even invited to play in tournaments again.

Apex Legends cheater FeuFPS invited to compete in tournament

After having his account banned from Apex Legends for a single day, FeuFPS returned to streaming without further interference from EA. This was already a source of controversy in the competitive Apex Legends scene, but now it’s become even more shocking.

EA itself invited FeuFPS to compete in the upcoming Pro League 3. The controversial player took to Twitter to celebrate, but the game’s community reacted with disgust.

FueFPS seemed prepared for the backlash and had comments turned off. This didn’t stop Apex Legends fans from discussing the surprising competitive invite elsewhere on social media.

While many were angry at FeuFPS for continuing to ruin the competitive integrity of ranked and pro matches, most players directed their frustrations at EA and Respawn Entertainment, questioning why nothing was being done about FeuFPS. Some even voiced feelings that EA doesn’t care about the cheating problem in Apex Legends at all.

For now, FeuFPS remains invited to the official tournament. Developers have not responded to the ongoing accusations against FeuFPS or the more recent backlash to the invite. It appears that EA is set on allowing FeuFPS to compete in the Apex Legends Global Series.


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