Killjoy’s Lockdown won’t work on Iso if he pulls off this trick

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 9, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

Didn’t think you could handle Killjoy at her prime, equipped with a deadly lockdown? Well, now you can — only if you’re Iso. 

Valorant’s agent, Killjoy, is by far one the deadliest sentinels in the game. Thanks to her path-blocking powers, enemies are forced to think twice before stepping into the site. While players have discovered many counters to her utility, it’s still tricky to deal with her Lockdown once it has been activated.

It turns out Iso’s ultimate is the perfect Killjoy Lockdown repellant, at least for himself. 

Iso Valorant
Image via Riot Games

This Iso Killjoy interaction is mind-boggling

Iso’s Kill Contract is deadly. It doesn’t care where you are. It pulls you out of the map and drags you into an alternate reality, with only three barriers between you and death. His ultimate is so powerful that it doesn’t even take Killjoy’s Lockdown into consideration.

A player shared this clip of Killjoy and Iso interaction, which shows the latter coming unscathed out of the Lockdown despite being at the center of it. How did he pull it off? It’s all thanks to Kill Contract. 

Right in the middle of the Lockdown being activated, Iso triggered his Kill Contract, teleporting himself and enemy Sova to his own energy field. He stayed there long enough to run down the Lockdown timer and returned alive after taking down Sova. 

Now, it’s a whole different thing if you lose the one-on-one duel in the private field. Then, this trick is pointless. 

This whole interaction has left the community in shock, who underestimated Iso’s ultimate. But Iso seems untouchable as long as he’s in his energy field. This could be highly useful on maps that favor Killjoy, like Ascent, Split, and more. 

He can also protect himself against other abilities by using his Kill Contract. But it’s up to you to decide whether using a highly valuable ultimate to dodge a grenade is worth it. Probably not.