Killjoy can self-boost on Ascent and it’s too OP

By Fariha Bhatti


Nov 29, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Boosting isn’t an intentional mechanic in Valorant, but some players are too good at tinkering with toolkits that they can get to odd spots. Killjoy can self-boost using her Turret on Ascent. 

The jolly German, Killjoy, isn’t developed for aggressive plays or tricks. Her simple toolkit is perfect for locking areas for safety. Killjoy must stay alive for her kit to work effectively, which is why it’s best if she stays in the backlines. However, eager Killjoy mains have whipped up a tech to aggress enemies from hiding, and it’s both risky and viable. 

Ascent is Killjoy’s best map, thanks to her Turret that shuts down entry on both sites, especially B. But this self-boost will convince more players to pick her. 

How to self-boost as Killjoy? 

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It’s possible to boost yourself as Killjoy without the help of teammates. All you need is a Turret and some guts to get to an awfully aggressive but cheeky angle. 

This boost is for the left corner of A-main on Ascent, on top of the blocks. Usually, agents who can fly or teleport, like Jett, Chamber, Omen, or even Sage, hold this block. But, Killjoy can also do the same using Turret as her aid. 

First, equip Turret and place it close to the corner of the block. Jump on top of it to get to the first step and then recall it. Next, activate the Turret again, but this time on the second step of the block. Repeat the action to get to the top. 

Make sure you do this during the buy phase, and replacing Turret right away won’t be possible once the game has started due to a cooldown. From this high angle, you can take the enemies by surprise and maybe bag a kill or two. This setup would be even better if you had your Alarm Bot at the entrance to alert you of presence.