Kaceytron admits to cheating on Mizkif’s Twitch show

By Olivia Richman


May 13, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

One True King co-founder and popular streamer Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo is sick of people cheating on his Twitch show, “Schooled.”

Schooled is a Twitch show hosted by Mizkif that tests people’s knowledge on a variety of topics. Participants, who are usually other well-known streamers, go through questions that represent rated K through 12, and answer questions to avoid getting F’s. Three F’s get the streamer booted from the show. Mizkif’s own money is on the line as a prize. 

On May 12, big streamers like Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, Kaceytron, and Jake “JakeNBake” Abramson joined the show. But Mizkif became skeptical when Kaceytron went from not knowing simple math to suddenly rattling off tough geography answers in the latter half of the stream. Kaycetron ended up winning, beating out Josh “Jawsh” Allen for the prize money. 

“Going from the stoner of the class to winning the entire show,” Mizkif exclaimed. 

“I feel like this is my moment,” Kaceytron responded. “I feel like, for years, people said I’m dumb as fuck. I’m stupid. I’m just a dumb stoner. She has no personality. She just shows her tits. She’s just pretending to be awkward. I really proved something today. This day will be remembered in Twitch history.” 

Mizkif rants about cheaters on his Twitch show

Following the Schooled Stream, Mizkif took to Twitch to rant about some of the show’s participants. He said that streamers seemed to have the right answers “dozens of times.” This led Mizkif to go on a long rant to his followers, calling the cheaters “pathetic.”

“You’re stealing my money,” Mizkif said. “I get that people are like, ‘Okay, Mizkif is a millionaire. Who cares?’ It’s not about the money. You’re stealing from me. You straight-up are. It’s my money. It is. And you’re taking my money out of greed and selfishness.” 

According to Mizkif, a lot of the streamers aren’t cheating in hopes of winning the 200 subs or $10,000 grand prize. They have “something to prove.” Mizkif explained that the cheaters want to prove they aren’t “stupid or dumb.” 

“But in reality, I see it all. And it ruins the shows. We put hundreds of hours into the show and people have no integrity on it,” Mizkif said. 

Kaceytron admits to cheating on Mizkif’s trivia show on Twitch

After being called out, Kaceytron decided to come forward and admit to her cheating. In a tweet, Kaceytron said she already apologized to Mizkif and refunded him the money. 

“I feel badly for my actions. It just seemed like other people were cheating so it felt like, ‘Why not?'” Kaceytron said. 

The tweet was followed up with another that said cheating “ruins things.” Kaceytron also noted that it “sets a bad precedent for more to do the same thing.” She told fans that things should be kept lighthearted instead and apologized for disappointing them. 

The tweet ended with a jab at Destiny, who Kaceytron has been beefing with for a while ever since his Minecraft following started harassing her. For a lot of people, this didn’t sit right and made her apology seem insincere. The majority of responses were not in favor of Kaceytron, with most viewers still disappointed that she’d ruined the show for other contestants. 

Even Mizkif jumped in with a joke. 

Meanwhile, the streaming community has continued to show disdain for Kaceytron and fight for justice for Jawsh. Mizkif shared a clip of Jawsh looking beyond aggravated as Kaceytron taunted him for losing to a “stoner and a hot tub streamer.” 



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