k0nfig on FURIA: “They’re just another Brazilian team to take down”

By Nick Johnson


Feb 23, 2020

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Complexity Gaming has looked strong at DreamHack Open Anaheim. The team bested MiBR in both a best of one and a best of three series, with its sole loss coming at the hands of Gen.G. That 2-1 record secured Complexity a spot in the playoffs here in Anaheim.

The solid outing continues what has been a strong upswing for the enduring North American organization. A major part of that growth is the performance of Kristian “k0nfig” Wienecke. Since joining the team in November, Complexity has a 61.5% win rate and shot up the world rankings from 48th to 24th. 

The 22-year old Dane has maintained a 1.01 HLTV rating, alongside a 69% KAST in the past three months. K0nfig has been a threat across the map in almost every outing for Complexity of late and has also proven himself to be formidable in clutch situations. 

Ahead of his team’s playoff match against FURIA Esports, k0nfig sat down with WIN.gg to talk about Complexity’s growth and the transition from European Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to North America.

WIN.gg: Coming into the team, who’s the teammate that stands out most to you, improvement wise?

K0nfig: It would have to be [Valentin “poizon” Vasilev]. He’s really starting to pick up the system and comms, and I’m seeing him improve every day. 

What about you? How are you adjusting to Complexity, your role, a new country…it’s a big change!

Yeah, it’s been hard. Speaking English all the time, surrounded by people that speak English all the time, surrounded by Americans. It’s hard to adjust sometimes, but it’s getting more and more natural. Comm’ing in-game has been an adjustment too. After speaking your native language for so long, it’s a different experience. 

Well, you’ve done well so far here in Anaheim. Yesterday you posted a +21 kill differential with a 106 ADR in your 2-0 win against MIBR. That, plus Complexity is a combined 3-1 against teams from the region this year.  Are you ready to replicate that today against FURIA?

Oh yeah. Honestly, they’re just another Brazilian team to take down. After that, it’s either Gen.G or North. After we beat them, we’ll play either Gen.G or North, I’m hoping for Gen.G so we can get a little revenge against them for our loss on Inferno on day one. We’ve looked everything over, and If it comes down to Inferno again we’re ready. I’m confident we’ll win.


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