Jump throw scripts are legalized for next CSGO major by Valve

By Steven Rondina


Jul 5, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

A common Counter-Strike: Global Offensive script is going to become legal in professional games.

Jump throw binds have been officially legalized for the StarLadder Berlin Major. The decision was made with cooperation between StarLadder, Valve, and the Counter-Strike Professional Players’ Association, with the news being announced by StarLadder.

The official rulebook for the upcoming StarLadder Berlin Major was changed to reflect this:

“During LAN phase using of scripts will be regulated by the following rules…Using any of scripts is prohibited. Scripts are understood as binding two or more different activities on one button by current rules. Exception given for the scripts using for jumpthrow and quickbuy.”

Grenade usage is critical in CSGO and many important techniques ranging from offensive molotovs to defensive smokes require players to time the toss with a jump. Though it isn’t difficult to execute in most cases, the possibility of human error can be removed from this entirely by modifying the game’s config files and creating a command that jumps and throws at the same time. This can then be bound to a single key, allowing players to simultaneously jump and throw without issue.

Binding does not require the use of any third-party software, but the fact it is not directly supported in the game put it into something of a competitive gray area. The addition will make life a bit easier for pro players, as they will be able to more reliably hit some of the game’s trickier throws. It is unlikely that this will lead to any radical shift in utility usage, but it could change how some players approach their smokes in particular.

This also stands as an important moment for the CSPPA. Founded in 2018, the association has enjoyed growing influence in the Counter-Strike scene in recent months. The CSPPA has tackled a handful of issues that concern players, but being directly credited for a notable change to the competitive rulebook is a milestone.

The StarLadder Berlin Major begins on August 23.