JakeNBake reveals the reason for his new ban from Twitch

Olivia Richman • March 27, 2021 6:36 pm

Jake “JakeNBake” Abramson is one of Twitch’s top IRL streamers, but he isn’t above the law. JakeNBake has received a week-long ban from Twitch for looking at his phone while driving. 

During a recent stream, JakeNBake was cooling down his car on a closed track at a private event and decided to take a peek at his phone. He admitted on Discord that he thought it would be fine considering the circumstances. Because of this, JakeNBake stated that he will be submitting a ban appeal since he stated it doesn’t fall under the same category as “using your phone while driving normally.”

“I go out of my way to never hold my phone or read chat while driving and to even teach safe driving habits (the dozens of driving streams we have had) and the majority of all of you know this,” JakeNBake explained. 

JakeNBake believes that someone reported the clip of him checking his phone. He stated that he felt “pretty down” about being banned since he understands the severity of texting while driving. But he noted once again that he was in a “safe and okay” environment to check his phone. 


According to Twitch’s Community Guidelines, “dangerous or distracted driving” is part of their section on punishable “self-destructive behavior.” Breaking the law is also under Twitch’s Community Guidelines. 

“To protect the integrity of our community, as the provider of the service, we at Twitch reserve the right to suspend any account at any time for any conduct that we determine to be inappropriate or harmful,” Twitch explained

Why was JakeNBake banned from Twitch?

JakeNBake’s fans immediately called for Twitch to consider the “context” of the situation after he was banned from Twitch. Many in the streaming community questioned if it was against the law to text while in a car parked on private property in California. 

“I was driving,” JakeNBake clarified to fans. “Down a closed road off the track on private property to cool the car. So I get the why. But contextually I think we should be ok. Just hoping the appeal goes through.” 

Even after JakeNBake said he was driving slowly, fans felt that Twitch had taken it too far. This is most likely due to the streaming community’s ongoing frustrations with Twitch’s inconsistent punishments. A lot of people joked that JakeNBake should have flashed his viewers to get a three-day ban instead of a week, a jab at multiple female streamers who have shown their body, sometimes accidentally and sometimes not, and received shorter suspensions despite Twitch’s guidelines on nudity. 


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