“It’s an insane feeling”: npl on Na’vi’s bronze in Katowice

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 12, 2023

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Andrij “npl” Kukharsjkyj made his international LAN debut at IEM Katowice 2023, ending a deep run with Natus Vincere at third-fourth.

Natus Vincere is out of IEM Katowice in third-fourth place, earning $80,000 from wins over Cloud9, Team Liquid, and Outsiders. The eastern European squad put up a valiant effort against Heroic but was unable to progress further. After a solid performance at his debut LAN, Na’Vi, newbie npl took some time to talk with WIN.gg about what it was like to compete in Katowice for the very first time.

npl interview after IEM Katowice 2023 playoffs

WIN.gg: Is there a sense of excitement about playing at Spodek Arena in the capital of CSGO, Katowice?

npl: It was insane, the crowd was supporting us so much. It’s my first time on the scene, so it’s an insane feeling. I don’t know what else to say, it’s really insane.

Were you intimidated by other players, some of them already legends in CSGO?

It doesn’t matter to me. In my team, I listen to them. I try to listen to what they recommend me to do or tell me to do. But against me, I actually don’t care who I’m playing against. I just try to play my game, prepare for them, and destroy them. 

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How did you start playing CSGO?

I started playing young at a computer booth.

When did you start thinking you could play it professionally?

Maybe three or four years ago, I was thinking that I could become a cyber sportsman and I could do a lot for this. I’ve played a lot and improved myself.

What do you think is next up for improving yourself as a player?

I still have to work on micro efficiencies in-game, like knowing what my enemy is going to do and completing that puzzle. You’ve got to know what to do on the map and help your teammates.


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