Is there really a crouch-walking accuracy bug in CSGO?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 4, 2021

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players are highlighting a potential long-standing bug that messes up your shot accuracy while crouch-walking. 

In an advanced first-person shooter game like CSGO, accuracy is crucial. You want your bullets to hit the intended target consistently. Irregular patterns and bullet landings point to the game being bugged, and players may have found such an instance in the game’s crouch-walking mechanics. 

In a crouching position, players should be able to land more shots than they can while walking upright due to the increased accuracy offered by crouching. But right now, that’s precisely the opposite of how things are in CSGO. During the crouch animation, players have noticed that their bullets spread into an inaccurate pattern for a split second, making them vulnerable in front of stationary or even moving targets. This is a long-standing issue that has existed for over four years, at least according to some in the die-hard CSGO community. 

How does the CSGO crouch-walk inaccuracy bug work?

Shooting while crouching is supposed to provide you with maximum bullet precision. However, weapons are dealing with boosted inaccuracy during the crouch-walk. For example, if you’re in a duel at A long on Dust 2, you may try to crouch while pressing the walk key in hopes of shooting better. Instead of accurate early spray, crouch-walk will make firing heavily erratic for a brief moment. 

While many players argue that this is not a glitch but rather a game mechanic that hurts accuracy when you switch positions, testing it in-game nullifies the argument. Accuracy sees a slight boost during run-crouch and stand-crouch animation, but it decreases when you press the duck key while walking, which is strange. This inconsistency shows that it is indeed likely a bug, as inaccuracy in CSGO is dependent on movement speed, which decreases when you’re crouching. Thus, a boost in inaccuracy points that the game has had a significant glitch for a long time. 

This bug may not have a massive impact on gameplay, as crouching while walking is a rare movement tactic. However, many players have complained that they have encountered this bug during their games multiple times. Dedicated AWPers may experience inconvenience in higher ranked games due to the required movement when you’re scoping with the sniper rifle. Players who are used to shooting while crouching may want to learn moves like counter-strafing to avoid becoming victims of this bug. It’s recommended to stay away from the control shift for a while until Valve pays attention to this year-old bug and delivers a fix. 


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