Is there a hack in CSGO that disconnects players in base?

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 27, 2021

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Players are reporting a shady hack in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that disconnects them from a competitive game. 

Valve’s first-person shooter has a high standing in its category for impeccable gunplay, advanced mechanics, and skill ceiling. But it’s equally famous for its hacker problem that the developer has failed to tackle effectively. While older players have adjusted to minor issues, some hacks are too significant to turn a blind eye. 

A CSGO player recently reported that he might’ve been kicked out of his game through a suspicious hack by an enemy. 

CMDR_Lina_Inv noted that he was in a ranked game when his game kept disconnecting during the buy phase. The players would go back to normal after the buy phase, which was peculiar. During the disconnect screen, the Terrorists would rush into the base and kill all the players, ultimately winning the round. A repetition led the player to believe that this might be a brutal hack that’s causing his entire team to go AFK. 

It turns out, many players have expressed their reservations regarding random disconnects during the buy phase in the past. This isn’t a new issue. There have been many similar reports where players would get disconnected only to die when they’re AFK. Despite the reports and complaints, it’s unknown whether this is a real hack or not. 

It’s an old issue among the players but Valve hasn’t ever addressed it. The consistent reports point towards it being an actual hack but it’s hard to say. Executing this hack means that the cheater will somehow need to break into the server and block specific IP’s or kill their connection. While CSGO hackers are capable of unimaginable exploits, it’s unlikely that so many hackers are frequently breaking into servers. It could also be a server issue, as there seem to be many in CSGO.

While the authenticity of this hack is unknown, it certainly requires investigation from the developer. Tons of players have reported that a similar problem has occurred in a pattern, which means it’s not entirely a baseless rumor. This can be a significant problem in the CSGO matchmaking experience already made a pest by rampant hackers. 

Why are there so many hackers in CSGO? 

There are many reasons behind the increasing number of hackers in CSGO but it can primarily be attributed to the game’s free-to-play status. Valve’s anti-cheat system for matchmaking (VAC) is relatively easy to exploit for CSGO hackers. With the game being free for all, hackers find easy success in matchmaking without paying a penny. 


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