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Is golf coming to Nintendo Switch Sports? Here’s what we know

by | Apr 12, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Nintendo Switch Sports is the highly anticipated sequel to Wii Sports, and fans of the iconic series are wondering what will be carried over from the original. The theme maybe? And which sports will return? One thing that definitely won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch Sports immediately is golf.

Nintendo Switch Sports is coming at the end of April 2022, with Nintendo revealing more and more information about the game leading up to the launch. Fans have been given a closer look at Nintendo Switch Sports’ virtual location, online multiplayer competitions, and new accessories.

Most importantly, Nintendo has announced the six games that will be in the game upon release, but golf isn’t among them.

What sports are in Nintendo Switch Sports?

There are six games included in Nintendo Switch Sports when the game comes out on April 29, 2022. The list includes:

  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Chambara
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Some of these games should be familiar to players of the original Wii Sports, but all of the sports in Nintendo Switch Sports should feel unique given the differences in technology between the Wii Remote and Switch Joy-Con.

Bowling in Nintendo Switch Sports.

Will Nintendo Switch Sports have golf?

Nintendo Switch Sports will not have golf at launch, but it should be arriving later this year as part of an update.

Hardcore Wii Sports fans probably noticed that a fan favorite is missing. Where is golf? Nintendo has reassured players that golf will be included, just not right away.

Nintendo has announced that there will be free updates coming throughout 2022. The first is in the summer, bringing football to the lineup. There will be an option to play football with the all-new Leg Strap, which lets players put a Joy-Con on their upper thigh to track leg movements like kicking.

The second update is in the fall. This update will include golf, one of the most popular sports from Wii Sports Resort.

When is golf coming to Nintendo Switch Sports?

No exact date has been given for the fall update, but it will most likely be in September or October. Nintendo will likely reveal more about the updates after the game’s launch.

What will golf be like in Nintendo Switch Sports?

There hasn’t been any footage of Nintendo Switch Sports’ version of golf just yet.

The most recent trailer has shown what playing the other sports looks like in Nintendo Switch Sports and most look quite similar to the Wii Sports version. While the Sportsmates have an updated look and the Joy-Con movements appear a bit more fluid, the gameplay mechanics are mostly the same. Golf will most likely be a similar experience to the Wii Sports version.

Nintendo Switch Sports - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch

There will also be an online version of golf in Nintendo Switch Sports. It’s not clear what that will entail just yet, but players can safely get excited over the idea of online multiplayer.

Some sports have an entirely new online challenge. For example, there is a bowling tournament where everyone bowls at once and players with the lowest scores are knocked out each round. It’s possible that there will be a new challenge for golf as well.

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