Nintendo Switch Sports

All we know about Nintendo Switch Sports and its release date

By Olivia Richman


Apr 11, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

Wii Sports was one of the most iconic games on the acclaimed Wii console, with Nintendo fans obsessing over the fun and simple motion-based gameplay and its pleasant music. Nintendo has now prepared a long-awaited sequel, Nintendo Switch Sports. But when is the Nintendo Switch Sports release date, and what will the new game be like?

Nintendo Switch Sports was announced in February 2022, promising similar action to the previous title. There will again be Miis, though they’re being updated to look a bit flashier while competing in six different sports. Nintendo also promised to include sports in future updates.

When is Nintendo Switch Sports coming out?

The Nintendo Switch Sports’ release date is set for April 29, 2022, meaning it’s only a few weeks away. Fans of the game can pre-order it on the Nintendo Store to receive a free water bottle. That should help you to stay hydrated while you play a game of tennis or bowling.

What sports are in Nintendo Switch Sports?

There are currently six confirmed sports in Nintendo Switch Sports. Nintendo has already said that more sports will be made available in future updates for Nintendo Switch Sports, two of which be football in the summer and golf in fall. Here are the sports that will initially come with Nintendo Switch Sports on its release date:

  • Badminton
  • Bowling
  • Chambara
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

Are there Miis in Nintendo Switch Sports?

There aren’t Miis in Nintendo Switch Sports as Nintendo fans remember them from the Wii Sports days, but there are Mii-like avatars that can be customized to represent players. These are called Sportsmates.

Sportsmates can be customized in ways ranging from their physical appearance to their accessories and clothes. You will also be able to use your Mii character. The avatar will appear in Spocco Square, a “sprawling complex” where all of the competitions will take place.

Can you play Nintendo Switch Sports online?

Nintendo Switch Sports will have an extensive online component. Players will be able to compete online to climb the ranks and place on leaderboards. This online competition will earn in-game rewards for dedicated players. The best of the best will be able to join the Pro League of each respective sport.

What is Nintendo Switch Sports’ gameplay like?

Nintendo Switch Sports is very similar to Wii Sports. Players will compete against friends and family either in person or online through a variety of sports ranging from bowling to tennis. Just like in the original Wii Sports, players will do this by using motion controls to capture their physical movements.

This time around, it’s not just a handheld device detecting motion. While you’ll still hold a Joy-Con to express your arm and hand movements, Nintendo Switch Sports also includes a Leg Strap accessory. By placing a Joy-Con in the Leg Strap, you can also capture your leg movements while playing such sports as soccer and football.


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