Is Genshin Impact still coming to Switch? Here’s what we know

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Genshin Impact is a perfect fit for the Nintendo Switch, but Hoyoverse’s promised port is still a long way away.

After years of silence, Hoyoverse has confirmed that it is still working on a Nintendo Switch port for Genshin Impact. No exact release date was given, but the fact that the devs acknowledged fans’ requests means that it could be a priority. Expect to see more details about the port by the end of the year.

The open-world gacha game quickly became one of the most popular titles in the world after its 2020 release. Part of the promotional material included a promised Switch version, but it was not released at the same time as mobile, PC, and PlayStation versions. Now that almost two years have passed, fans are wondering if Genshin Impact’s second console release was quietly canceled.

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But just days ago, GoNintendo received official word from Hoyoverse that a Nintendo Switch port of Genshin Impact is still in the works. The statement confirmed that a Switch port is being developed and that Hoyoverse will announce further details once it makes more progress. The simple reply doesn’t give a ton of information, but it does confirm that a port hasn’t been quietly canceled.

Genshin Impact on Switch potential release date

It’s difficult to estimate a Switch release date for Genshin Impact, but Hoyoverse should update by December 2022.

With only a vague confirmation from Hoyoverse, it’s difficult to tell exactly when the game could release on Switch. The port could be a top priority for the company, as the Switch’s mobile nature perfectly fits the bite-sized gameplay. Still, the delays for Genshin Impact on Switch could be due to various factors.

Porting a game to an entirely new system is a lot of technical work. Genshin Impact’s gacha and battle pass monetization might not sit well with Nintendo. Hoyoverse is also experiencing very difficult working conditions due to logistical issues in China. Since update 2.7 has been indefinitely delayed, it can be safely assumed that development of the Switch version has been slowed or paused entirely.


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