How to get free Genshin Impact Primogems after update 2.7 delay

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Genshin Impact fans can look forward to free Primogems during the delay of update 2.7. Here’s how to get them.

Genshin Impact fans can grab a steady flow of Primogems, experience books, Fragile Resin, and more during the delay of update 2.7. Hoyoverse announced the extension of update 2.6 last week. The company did not give an expected release date for the new patch, so rewards will be given out to players on a weekly basis as compensation. In addition, fans can expect a few small events to fill up the space between patches 2.6 and 2.7.

Hoyoverse announced its compensation plans on the official Hoyolob Genshin Impact blog. Players will get the following rewards for every week that 2.7 is delayed. If the patch is introduced halfway into a week, the rewards will be proportionately reduced. 

  • 400 Primogems
  • Fragile Resin
  • 7 Hero’s Wit XP Books
  • 16 Mystic Enchancemnt Ore
  • 120,000 Mora

Hoyoverse will also continue to create new content at a lower rate as part of the 2.6 extension. The current five-star banner Kamisato Ayaka is indefinitely extended until the release of 2.7. This will make her the longest-running banner in Genshin Impact history. 

Genshin Impact announced new 2.6 events, more free Primogems

Players hungry for more free Primogems will be glad to learn that more events are coming during the wait for update 2.7. The Spices from the West event will involve a Sumeru researcher named Nazafarin. The player will create seasonings using foreign recipes. The rewards will include Primogems, experience books, weapon ascension materials, and Mora. Spices from the West will go live on May 14 and end on June 7.

Genshin Impact will also reset the Test Run for Ayaka’s banner, which grants access to a few more Primogems and character materials.

That May 7 end date may be an estimate for Hoyoverse moving development work back to its company office. Considering the assumed conditions behind the delay and the generous compensation being given to players in the meantime, most fans seem happy to wait.


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