Disney Domination

Is Disney Domination the next Smash killer?

By Olivia Richman


May 21, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

First there was Nickelodeon, and then there was Warner Bros., but now Disney is attempting to compete with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Smash has been completely dominating the platform fighter scene with little to no real competition. Until now?

Back in March, a game called Disney Domination was leaked. The original leaked image showed characters from Disney’s many franchises, including classic Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Fox, and more. That means that you’d be able to fight as anyone from Mickey Mouse to Peter Griffin to Thanos.

Now, even more information has come out about Disney Domination, leaving some fighting game fans to wonder if it will finally be able to take down Smash.

More information revealed about Disney Domination

On Reddit, a since-deleted post revealed more possible details about Disney Domination. This included that the game would have 55 characters on its roster and 60 stages upon launch.

The leaker also claimed that there would be an abundance of online modes that range from missions to 12-player battles. There will also be a mode where players can share custom stages and content.

While Disney is usually known for its colorful and bubbly style, Disney Domination is rumored to be dark and edgy. This includes a new character named Ultra Flame Face destroying a planet in the most recent leaked images. The other images show Woody looking horrified, Thanos insulting Peter Griffin, and Donald Duck looking ready to fight.

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Right now, everything that’s been leaked is not confirmed and gamers are not convinced. A lot of people feel that the images are not screenshots from a hidden project but are rather created by AI. Others felt that they were photoshopped images taken from Kingdom Hearts.

Right now, Smash is probably safe from Disney’s wrath. But only time will tell if Disney Domination is actually in the works.