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Is device finally returning to competitive CSGO with Astralis?

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 3, 2022

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Reports claim that the Nicolai “device” Reedtz to Astralis discussions are turning the corner as Ninjas and Pyjamas and the Danish esports org agree on a buyout number. 

The rumors of device contemplating a return to his former home, Astralis, started swirling in the December of 2021. However, the star AWPer shut down the reports at the time, calling them nonsense in a series of tweets.

device clarified that his hiatus resulted from poor mental health and that he’s working towards returning to pro play. This was back in December 2021 and, since then, there has been radio silence from all parties involved. 

However, a recent report from Jaxon suggests that NiP and Astralis have been in talks to transfer device to his former home. According to Jaxon, a final number has been agreed upon. 

device’s return to Astralis might actually happen

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device, a household name for all CSGO fans, played his last game on 12th December 2021 against GODSENT in the quarterfinals of the IEM Winter 2021, where the team finished 2nd, losing 3-0 against Team Vitality. Following the quarterfinal, device announced his break from competitive CS to focus on his mental health and recuperate. 

Dev1ce’s transfer to Ninjas in Pyjamas was undoubtedly one of Counter-Strike’s biggest esports happenings in years. The transfer drew comparisons with traditional sports stars, Lebron James and Cristiano Ronaldo. The $700,000 transfer that rocked the CSGO ecosystem isn’t easy to meet for any buyer. Jaxon reports that Astralis and NiP have settled on $600,000 as device’s transfer free. 

NIP fans had started to wonder when the Danish AWPer would make his return and take over the AWPing duties. A return is reportedly happening soon, but it won’t be in NiP’s jersey. Reports say that the negotiations have been happening for a while, but device’s massive payout was a hurdle. But, now that it’s out of the way, players should expect the highly-anticipated return of Mr. consistent. 

Both the parties are tight-lipped, so players must wait for official announcements or teasers before getting their hopes up. If the deal comes to fruition, device would be returning to a new Astralis that won’t include the duo of Magisk and dupreeh. 


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