Is Blissey worth playing in Pokemon Unite after recent buffs?

Christian Vejvad • September 11, 2021 11:03 am

Given the recent buffs targeting Blissey in Pokemon Unite, is this newer Pokemon now a top pick in the popular game? 

As the newest support in Pokemon Unite, Blissey is still finding its place in the meta while the game’s developers are still trying to find the right balance for the tanky healer. In the most recent balance patch, Blissey received some great buffs that could potentially boost this Pokemon’s place in the game’s meta. 

These buffs had Blissey’s special defense increased while Safeguard got a reduction in cooldown and an increase to itsarea of effect. The more important buff is that Safeguard will now remove all status conditions from the user and the designated ally that Blissey chooses. Both will grant a shield that will make the two Pokemon immune to hindrances while active. 

Is Blissey good in Pokemon Unite?

Prior to these buffs, players were already making big use of Blissey through its heavy healing capabilities. As a ranged support, Blissey wasn’t added to the game to be the next big carry but instead as a healer that can enable the rest of its team. These strengths are already showing on Aeos Island, as Blissey is currently the perfect companion to any of the hyper carries in the game. 

Despite the large amounts of healing offering, Pokemon Unite developers still felt that Blissey needed a buff, even to a point that it was the only change made to a Pokemon in this patch. Now with several buffs added, it’s expected that Blissey will get a boost in priority and may potentially be prioritized over the likes of Wigglytuff in some cases. 

These buffs have certainly given Blissey some new tools, as it will now be close to impossible to lock down targets when an opposing Blissey is around. The Safeguard buffs will also make Blissey’s build path pretty simple, as it currently seems too strong to pass up. 

The upcoming weeks will tell if this patch has put Blissey in a balanced spot or if more changes are may still be needed.  


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