50 Cent GTA

Is 50 Cent starring in a Grand Theft Auto TV series?

By Olivia Richman


Mar 9, 2023

Reading time: 1 min

Rapper 50 Cent is apparently part of an upcoming show called Vice City — which is not related to Grand Theft Auto.

50 Cent recently referenced Vice City on Instagram, but the mysterious post had fans wondering if Curtis Jackson was going to be a part of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6. But a new report has revealed that 50 Cent’s post was in reference to a new show airing on Paramount Plus.

Paramount+ getting Vice City original series

Ever since the deleted Instagram post, gamers have been speculating what role 50 Cent would have in GTA 6. But now it’s been confirmed that 50 Cent is helping direct Vice City, a show entirely separate from Grand Theft Auto.


On Twitter, 50 Cent announced that the Vice City show is being produced by himself alongside the director of the John Wick movie series.

“I don’t miss,” 50 Cent added.

Vice City is set to stream on Paramount+, which is also home to the failed Halo series and the upcoming League of Legends comedy show. Vice City will allegedly follow three friends, all former soldiers, who return to Miami after getting dishonorable discharges during the Iran Contra scandal in the mid-80s.

This news was a huge letdown to fans of Grand Theft Auto, who were hoping to see 50 Cent in the upcoming game or at least get a GTA-inspired television show.

Unfortunately, there’s no news coming out for GTA 6 at this time. Leaks have pointed to a possible release date, but the developers have been pretty quiet ever since the huge studio hack last year.


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