indiefoxx was just banned for a 6th time from Twitch, but why?

By Steven Rondina


Jun 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Update: indiefoxx may have been handed a permanent ban from Twitch. Here are the details.

The self-declared “reformed, G-rated e-girl” has been banned once again.

Streamer Bans has confirmed that Jenelle “indiefoxx” Dagres has been banned from Twitch once again. This comes seven days after indiefoxx was unbanned alongside Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa for a NSFW, “ASMR-leggings stream” that briefly took over Twitch’s Just Chatting category.

This is indiefoxx’s sixth Twitch ban to date. Her most recent ban was for just three days. It’s currently not known how long her latest ban will last. 

While indiefoxx’s bans are normally for fairly obvious reasons, it’s unclear at the moment what sparked this particular suspension. Twitch has historically not released details on why it bans streamers and it is unlikely that an exact reason will be given. 

Indiefoxx has not yet made a statement on the ban. As per usual, the news was met with a mix of frustration from indiefoxx’s fans, applause from her detractors, and memes from fans saying that they are “sick and tired of Twitch” and that “indiefoxx DID nothing wrong.”

Who has the most bans on Twitch?

According to StreamerBans, the most-banned person on Twitch in history is a Ukrainian Dota 2 streamer named KVYZEE. 

The streamer was banned a whopping 11 times before Twitch seemingly dealt him a permanent ban in February 2021. Many of those bans were less than a day long, but the sheer volume of bans certainly played a factor.

Though indiefoxx is one of the most notorious Twitch streamers and has been banned more frequently than the average Twitch partner, claims that the streaming platform is playing favorites with her in particular are unwarranted. 

indiefoxx has now been banned six times but there is actually a fairly long list of Twitch partners who have had more bans, including some prominent names who have seven.