igNar promises FlyQuest won’t be “easy win” for Cloud9 in summer

By Olivia Richman


Jun 9, 2020

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Going into the LCS Spring Split, not many League of Legends fans had high hopes for FlyQuest. It didn’t take long for analysts and viewers alike to see just how wrong their predictions were. 

FlyQuest ended up tied for second with Evil Geniuses and 100 Thieves at the end of the split before making a run through playoffs behind eventual champion Cloud9. But that wasn’t enough for Dong-geun “igNar” Lee. The South Korean support player thinks that the Summer Split will be even bigger for his team. 

WIN.gg spoke with igNar about their upcoming matches against Cloud9 and why the LCS isn’t as fun as some other regions. 

Some people had doubts about FQ going into the Spring Split. How do you feel about proving them wrong?

igNar: I knew we were going to be a good team, to be honest. But I saw many people predicted that we would be seventh or eighth, a bottom team. I was really motivated since people predicted we’d be bad. I knew we wouldn’t be. 

At the start of the Spring Split, players seemed a bit more nervous about you guys. CoreJJ had placed FlyQuest in top three. 

Maybe players knew it. But the audience wasn’t as aware. But I was really confident with our roster. 

How did you feel about where you ended up last season? 

For me, I was really, really happy initially. I didn’t expect to be a top team. My expectation was to be in top four, since it was our first split together. But we were top two. I was really, really happy. 

What did you guys focus on during break to help you improve for the Summer Split?

I didn’t aim for anything specifically. I just wanted to be a good support player and support my team. I was playing a lot of solo queue. I just wanted to be an overall good player. 

Cloud9 was your biggest rival last season. Do you think it will go any differently this season? 

I don’t think it will be like last split. I don’t think it will be an easy win for them. Even if they win, we will be making it harder for them. 

How do you think your team will do without V1per? 

V1per was a really nice guy. He always raised our mood. The mood will be a bit more down. But even without him, we will try hard and we’ll be okay. 

How has playing in the LCS differed from other regions you’ve played in? 

LCS has less pressure, there’s less carrying. Not many players are playing aggressively. For me, it’s a little bit easier to play. But it’s not as fun. Usually, in EU, I would fight a lot against the enemy bot lane. When we fight, I improve so much. 

What do you need to do to make it to Worlds? 

We know our identity as a team. But we need to play cleaner. I think if we do that, we can go to Worlds easier. That’s our goal this year. 

Why is it important that you get there? 

The biggest thing is I miss is 2017 Worlds. The feeling. The audience. I heard this year it’s China, too. I want to go back to China and play in Worlds. It would be awesome.


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