Iconic CSGO map Dust 2 gets a new remake in Fortnite

Marta Juras • February 14, 2020 12:29 am

Iconic CSGO map Dust 2 is coming to Fortnite.

Fans of first-person shooter games were excited to find out one of the most popular maps from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is coming to Fortnite’s creative mode. Digital marketing brand Team Evolve, which focuses on designing custom content for the battle royale, has a Dust 2 game mode soon to be available for fans to try out in Fortnite.

CSGO B site

Dust 2 was created over 20 years ago and released with the original Counter-Strike. As such, it’s an iconic map for most FPS gamers, even those whose preferences have moved from CSGO other titles. Now, the reach of Dust 2 has spread even further.

Team Evolve’s Fortnite version of Dust 2, though set up in the more cartoonish style of graphics of the battle royale, recreates the map in great detail.

Fortnite B site

Dust 2 bomb sites perfectly recreated in Fortnite Creative Mode

Crates are in the same place on both bomb sites, the old white car is still parked on B, and even all of the palm trees are found standing behind the A site. However, the developer strayed away from Arabic signs clearly visible in the CSGO version, and both sites are missing the big “A” and “B” designations.

Dust 2 Fortnite

These minor changes to the map are probably a result of the developer straying away from CSGO’s standard team setup, with terrorists fighting counter-terrorists, and all of the skill that goes into handle weapons in CSGO. Fortnite’s style of play is far apart, with four classes and different perks available, such as debuffing enemies or strengthening a team’s defenses. It plays quite differently.

Fortnite A site

This might explain why Team Evolve didn’t wish to push every little detail of the original into their version of the map. It’s unclear how exactly the map will play, but players will definitely need to carry bombs to the marked spots and blow them up to win the game.

Dust 2 isn’t the first recreation of another game’s popular map in Fortnite. Players can also play on a Super Smash Bros. stage, Mario Kart’s Rainbow Road, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2’s Terminal, and more.


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