Huni thinks Clutch Gaming is ready to take on TSM in LCS playoffs

By Olivia Richman


Aug 6, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

Clutch Gaming has scored a spot in the playoffs by defeating Golden Guardians, something not many expected. But the underdog team is already ready to take on their new quarterfinal opponent, Team SoloMid. sat down with top laner Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon to find out what making the playoffs means to the team.

How are you feeling after that match? 

Huni: Of course, not bad. Not a bad start going into the playoff. We started slow this split. We had bad results in the other splits and felt a lot of pressure.

But everyone was really satisfied with our new coaches we got in the middle of the spring split. It was pretty crazy, but it worked out well. We believe in each other and what we do. We got confident playing, whoever the opponent is. 

There were some players close to tears after the match. Why was this so emotional for the team? 

Everyone wanted to go to the playoffs. Of course, we all wanted to win. We were really stressing out during the summer split. We kept losing when we shouldn’t. There were so many games where we should have won. I think we lost a lot of confidence.

Do you think you have your confidence back now?

For sure. Individually I’ve been playing really well in the past five weeks. I realized that I play well by myself. I’m satisfied after each game, even ones we lose. I got more confident playing on stage.

Now I can beat any other top laner in the LCS. That’s how I feel now. 

As a team that was considered average in the LCS, what does it mean to make it to the playoffs? 

Everyone was expecting that Clutch would fall from the playoffs. It was looking bad when we kept falling off in the late game. But we proved to ourselves, and that those people were wrong. We showed how good we are now.

What are you proud of after the win?

I’m proud of myself that I’ve been playing well in these last few weeks. That makes me proud of myself. 

Do you feel the team has a new attitude after the change of coaches and with the new scrim schedule?

We changed a lot. There’s a change of attitude and we’re working harder. We’ve shown that it was worth it to change it, looking at our results. 

Who are you looking forward to facing in the playoffs? 

I think we’re looking forward to playing TSM. That’s what our first match will be next week. We just have to win. We’ve never lost TSM in the playoffs. We gotta keep doing that. 

Do you think you have what it takes to beat them? 

Yeah. I mean, we’ll see. Hopefully!


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