Tahm Kench is seeing big rework changes, but what does it mean?

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While many Tahm Kench players are waiting in excitement for his rework, fans have already gotten a first look at the reimagined character. 

With the recent reveal of four new Arcana skins, a sneak peek of the upcoming Tahm Kench rework was seemingly provided. In the Arcana Tahm Kench preview, players got to see his abilities in a new order and with new effects. This quickly had players speculating what might change and how it will affect Tahm Kench. Not only will Tahm Kench be a different champion, but it might also affect the champions around him. 

Even though players are still waiting for the official patch notes, a lot of things are indicating that Tahm Kench will get a new effect on his Tongue Lash (Q) and have two abilities swapped. From the current previews, Tahm Kench’s Devour (W) will be swapped with his current ultimate Abyssal Voyage. 

Tahm Kench abilities reworked

A probable cooldown reduction to Tahm Kench’s W will most likely give him a new engage tool. The new Abyssal Voyage will also have a shorter range and it doesn’t look like Tahm Kench can teleport teammates through it anymore. Instead, Tahm Kench will likely knock up and damage enemies on arrival.

For his ultimate, the new Devour will look to damage enemies or shield allies depending on which champions he chooses to eat. Furthermore, the cooldown will likely be increased and made a tool that can be used once per team fight.

It also seems that Tahm Kench will get a bit of a buff to his Tongue Lash, which is his main option for poke and damage. With the rework, Tongue Lash will apply a stack of An Acquired Taste (P) and even heal for an amount. It’s also expected that Tahm Kench can Devour enemy champions in a combination with hitting Tongue Lash. 

Tahm Kench might become viable as a solo laner 

With these swaps and changes to Tongue Lash, Tahm Kench might end up with a completely new play style. An engagement tool through his W ability will potentially make Tahm Kench more viable as a solo laner or even jungler. He will suddenly be able to engage in new ways and force himself behind enemy lines for a surprise attack. 

The knock-up and damage from the new Abyssal Voyage will also be more of an offensive tool now, where it was previously a way to transport teammates into or out of a fight. The same goes for Tongue Lash, which will now be an even more offensive ability and help Tahm Kench’s sustainability in the laning phase.     

Arcana Tahm Kench

Will the Tahm Kench rework affect other champions?

Reworking one champion can impact others as well. Tahm Kench might be one of them, as his ultimate will change completely. While the ability isn’t exactly new, it will interact with other champions in different ways. 

The most notable example will be Sylas, who steals ultimates through his Hijack (R). In a game with Sylas and Tahm Kench on opposite sides, Sylas will now have the chance to hijack a completely new ultimate. The new Devour doesn’t seem to be an ultimate that Sylas players would chase, but it will make for new funny interactions nonetheless. 

Another champion that will be affected by these changes is Viego. As a champion that can possess others, Viego will now be able to try out the new Tahm Kench kit in the future. This will give Viego a new engage tool whenever he gets to possess a Tahm Kench.  

When is the Tahm Kench rework being released? 

The Tahm Kench rework should have been out several patches ago, but due to delays it is now expected to release alongside patch 11.10 or possibly even later. This patch is set to hit the live servers on May 12 according to the LoL patch schedule. Before that, the rework should be live on the Public Beta Environment (PBE) for a few weeks for players to test out.