Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace

How to use the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace

By Olivia Richman


Mar 13, 2024

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After months of anticipation, Rainbow Six Siege’s Marketplace is officially live.

The Marketplace is one of the most recent updates to the nearly 10-year-old shooter, allowing players to trade and purchase skins amongst each other. It’s currently in beta and you can join today to try it out.

What is the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace?

The Marketplace allows players to buy, sell, and trade in-game cosmetics within the community. It works very similarly to the marketplace system that’s currently in Counter-Strike 2 and Dota 2, where the skin economy has only continued to thrive.

The Marketplace beta allows players to put up their item for sale and then other players can purchase it. Every transaction requites Rainbow Six Siege’s in-game currency.

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How to join the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta

If you want to check out the Marketplace for yourself, register on Ubisoft’s website. You will need to be selected to participate in the beta so check your email after registering.

Once you are able to access the Marketplace, you can buy and sell weapon skins, headgear, uniforms, attachment skins, charms, operator portraits, card backgrounds, drone skins ,and other cosmetics.

Ubisoft will take 10% of the sale as a transaction fee. Listings will be up for 30 days after posting and you can have up to five active sells and five active buys at a time. Over a 24 hour period, you can have a max of 20 sales and 20 purchases.

It’s unclear when the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace will officially be released.


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