How to unlock every Fortnite Wilds temple

By Nicholas James


Jul 10, 2023

Reading time: 4 min

The loot temples in Fortnite Wilds are one of the best ways to get high-tier loot, so here’s how to unlock every single Fortnite Wild temple.

The loot temples are an addition as a part of the latest season of Fortnite, dubbed Fortnite Wilds. These are huge stone buildings in the new jungle biome that can seem cryptic and confusing during your first time navigating their halls. Some might be lured in by stealing a peek at the vault full of rare chests or by the mysterious glowing door in the front. If you’re looking for the secret to these buried ruins and want to know how to guarantee you get the loot every time, look no further. This is our complete guide to how to navigate and open every Fortnite Wilds temple.

Fortnite Wilds ‘Worthy Item’ door

The first step in any loot temple is going to be a diamond-shaped door at ground level that glows purple with a brazier in the middle of the door. There’s one very important step after this, but we’ll discuss that in the Torch Puzzle room. Inspecting the door will prompt it to ask you for a worthy item and will let you deposit an item you are holding into the door. If an Epic, Legendary, Mythic, or Exotic drop is put into the door, it will be satisfied. The easy way to remember this is that Epic loot is purple, so anything Epic or above will open it. Behind this door will often be a Kinetic Boomerang, a way to reward you for putting up your good loot for the cause.

Fortnite Wilds unlock temple

This step won’t ever change, so you’ll always be entering a loot temple the exact same way. So don’t worry about needing to find anything higher than Epic to progress through the temple.

How to solve the Statue Puzzle in Fortnite Wilds Loot temples

The first puzzle you’ll encounter in a loot temple is the statue puzzle. In the statue puzzle, there will be four statues positioned on different walls of the room. Each of these can be interacted with, and one of two things will happen when you do so. Three of the statues are incorrect and the fourth will open the door to the next stage of the temple.

If the door you pick is incorrect, a Rift will be opened in front of the statue you’ve interacted with. This will deposit you and anybody who is nearby or runs into the Rift into the sky above the temple. Accidentally Rifting teammates can slow down the time it takes to clear this puzzle, so stagger your attempts when solving with friends. Once the correct statue has been used, the door will open to the next stage. This upcoming stage is the last and final hurdle to jump through to get the loot temple’s rewards.

How to solve the Torch Puzzle in Fortnite Wilds loot temples

The next puzzle room you will encounter will be a room with multiple braziers. There is a specific combination of lit and unlit braziers that will unlock the door. This combination changes every lobby, so you can’t use the answer from last game. Don’t worry though, you don’t have to brute force this by trying every single combination.

Fortnite Wilds temple torch puzzle

Every loot temple has a room, usually on the opposite side of the ruin from the Statue Puzzle, that mirrors the Torch Puzzle room. This room’s torches aren’t interactable, but memorize which torches are and aren’t lit, as this configuration is the answer to the Torch Puzzle. If you’ve found this room before getting to this stage of the temple, you can simply input the configuration and the door will open.

Fortnite Wilds loot temple rewards

Beyond the Torch Puzzle is a huge room filled with rewards. You’re not home safe when you enter it, as there’s a huge grate in the room that can be seen and shot through. Enemy players can mount the building and ambush you while you’re collecting all the rare chests. Loot up quickly and get out.

Fortnite Wilds Open Door puzzle

There’s one more puzzle in Fortnite Wilds, but it’s not in the loot temple. Scattered throughout the new area are small stone buildings with statues in the nearby area. Just like the statue puzzle, one of these will open the door to the building and the rest will Rift you into the air. There’s no secret here, just keep trying statues until one works.