Lies of P bosses

How to trade boss weapons in Lies of P

By Olivia Richman


Sep 19, 2023

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Lies of P is full of tough bosses, but it’s worth facing these difficult baddies for the great rewards they drop, including boss weapons.

As a Souls-like game, Lies of P is full of levels that are hard to traverse and villains that are agonizing to face. But it’s worth the effort since you’ll get some devious weapons to use on your dark journey.

Boss weapons in Lies of P

There are two powerful boss weapons in Lies of P that you need to get your hands on.

The Parade Master boss drops the following:

  • Seven-Coil Spring Sword
  • Dancing One’s Amulet

The Dancing One’s Amulet is an item that enables dodging even if you have low stamina, which comes in handy during difficult fights that are down to the wire.

The Seven-Coil Spring Sword has a physical attack of 129 and two skills:

  • Skill 1 – Seven Explosions: A strong downward blow that has multiple explosions that deal extra damage to enemies
  • Skill 2 – Guard Parry: If you time an attack correctly, you can deflect it and trigger a powerful counter in the process
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The Scrapped Watchman drops the following:

  • Etiquette
  • Extreme Modification Amulet

The Extreme Modification Amulet increases your weapon’s attack based on the number of Fable slots.

The Etiquette has a physical attack of 80 and two skills:

  • Skill 1 – Single Stab: Gather your strength for a forward piercing attack
  • Skill 2 – Absolute Counterattack: If you perfectly block an enemy’s incoming attack after a successful guard, you can use Fable Arts to trigger an extra attack
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How to exchange boss weapons and items in Lies of P

After defeating a boss in Lies of P, you can choose between the boss’ weapons or amulet. Here’s how to do it.

Once you obtain Ergo dropped by an enemy, bring it to an NPC called Alidoro in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Library.

Here’s how to find him:

  • Head through the cellars until you see a repository with a large globe inside
  • Go to the back of the chamber to get onto a lift
  • Ride it to the top to find Alidoro


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