How to receive a souvenir from your Buddy Pokémon in GO

By Olivia Richman


Apr 26, 2023

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Having a Buddy Pokémon is one of the cutest parts of playing Pokémon GO. And if you become close enough to your Pokémon pal, you can get a souvenir! Here’s how to receive a souvenir from your Buddy Pokémon in GO!

The Buddy Pokémon system was added to GO in 2019, allowing trainers to travel around with a Pokémon by their side. You can reach different affection levels that strengthen your bond with your ‘mon and result in some special souvenirs.

A souvenir is an item that your Buddy Pokémon brings to you once they reach a certain affection level. A souvenir is more a token of your friendship than a useful battle item, but they are still quite coveted since, well, who can resist a gift from their favorite Pokémon?

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How to get a souvenir from your Buddy Pokémon

To get a souvenir, you will need to get your Buddy Pokémon to the Ultra Buddy level or higher. To reach this level, you need to reach 150 hearts per day. This means that the shortest time it will take to reach the Ultra Buddy level is eight days.

Looking to get more hearts? Here are the ways to get more hearts every day:

  • Walk together: You’ll earn one heart for every 2 km you walk with your buddy. The maximum is three hearts per day
  • Give your buddy a treat: Doing this will earn three hearts per day
  • Play together: Go to AR mode and touch the screen to call over your buddy. Playing with your Pokémon will earn you one heart per day
  • Battle together: Head to GO Battle League, Team Rocket Battles, or training battles. You’ll earn one heart per battle, with a max of three hearts available per day
  • Take a snapshot: In AR mode, press the camera to take a photo, earning one heart
  • Visit a new place: Find a new PokeStop or Gym to earn one heart per day

Once your Buddy Pokémon reaches Ultra Buddy level, you can be gifted a souvenir every 48 hours! Some souvenirs include a lone earring, beach glass, a pretty leaf, a stepping stone, a tropical shell, and a small flower bouquet.


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