rankup during the holidays

How to quickly rank up in CSGO during the holidays

By Fariha Bhatti


Dec 15, 2021

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Christmas is the perfect time to dust off your old Steam account and restart the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive rank grind.

Maintaining a decent rank in CSGO isn’t easy. The cut-throat tactical shooter requires consistency, which is tough to offer for those who have jobs and other commitments. However, the winter holidays can help you unlock your dream rank.

How to quickly rank up during the holidays

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Crisp aim, smoke lineups, and team strategies mean nothing when you’re inconsistent. One day you’ll drop 30 bomb, but your performance after a week would vary greatly. Regular play is the key to ranking up quickly in CSGO, which is why Christmas is the ideal gaming time for busy players. 

Here’s how you should spend your valuable winter gaming time to rank up in CSGO. 

Reevaluate your in-game settings 

If you’re an old-time CSGO player and haven’t logged in for a while, you may want to take a second look at your in-game settings. Go into the practice server and find your perfect CSGO sensitivity.

Create a crosshair that suits your playstyle and pops on all maps. This needs to be done before starting your ranked grind, so you don’t have to keep switching settings mid-game. Once you have your ideal settings, gear up to go full-beast mode. 

Create a warmup routine 

Busy CSGO players often log into their Steam accounts and kickstart a competitive game with zero warmups. During Christmas, make sure you draft up a practice routine that focuses on all your weak areas. Squeeze in at least one-hour warmup session in your daily gaming maneuvers to rank up in CSGO.

Try running a few maps in KovaaK’s to fix your placement, reaction time, and more. This step is a must to ensure that you squeeze full juice out of your Christmas gaming time. 

Create a five-stack 

Playing in a full lobby is crucial to gaining stability and consistency in all games. During the time of Christmas, you’ll find tons of players who are playing the game for fun. These players would likely include trolls, smurfs, and new players who have zero knowledge of FPS.

To avoid queuing with such players, try finding four friends and queue in five-stack. This will allow you to understand your role and play accordingly, ultimately resulting in a quicker rank up in CSGO. 

Be patient 

The ambiguity in the CSGO ranking system makes it challenging for players to continue the grind. It’s essential to stay patient and trust the process. Try evaluating your individual score instead of stressing out if you’re not ranking up after a six-match win streak. Beat your personal best average to gain more points and rank up quicker.

Your dream rank can only be unlocked if you’re patient and are willing to improve. 


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