How to play Revenant, Apex Legend’s newest legend

By Olivia Richman


Feb 17, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Revenant is Apex Legend’s newest legend, an assassin android with one of the most versatile kits in the entire battle royale game. He’s an interesting blend of stealth and aggression that appeals to a variety of players, from gamers looking to instigate a fight to those who want a way to bail when things seem unsafe.

But how do you pick up such a unique legend? Let’s first take a look at the kit the Season 4 trailer hinted at. 

Revenant’s abilities

Passive: Stalker

Revenant’s passive rewards stealthy players. While crouched, you’re able to move as fast as you would if you were walking upright. You can also climb walls twice as long as the other legends, making Revenant ideal for players looking to take high ground with ease. 

Tactical: Silence

Revenant’s tactical has him throwing out a device that not only deals damage within a certain radius but also disables enemy abilities for 10 seconds. 

The device does 11 damage to enemies within this radius, even if they happen to walk through it while it’s out. By holding Q, you can aim the device, similar to a grenade. Since the radius is very small, this makes its placement very important. 

Another big thing to remember is that you can use med kits and other healing items while holding Q. This means you can simultaneously heal yourself while taking the time to figure out where the best location for your device is. 

The best technique for Silence is to deploy the device when your team wants to push a fight. Many legends, like Gibraltar and Wattson, can’t defend against the attack without their abilities. Others like Octane and Wraith can’t disengage as easily. Even try placing the device in a doorway, forcing the enemy team to remain stationary or risk losing their abilities by going through it. 

Ultimate: Death Totem

This stationary totem allows you and your allies to enter a shadow mode, avoiding shield damage. Once activated, shadow mode lasts for about 30 seconds. If your teammates are killed, they can also respawn at the totem with a small portion of their health bar. 

Like Silence, Revenant’s ultimate is just another way to get the upper hand when engaging with other teams. While players leave a fleeting trail leading to the totem’s location, a hidden totem can allow your team to heal before entering a fight. 

Revenant’s play style and tactics

Revenant’s Stalker passive makes him the perfect scout for your team, able to sneak around corners and into buildings easier than other legends can. His wall climbing also allows you to reach locations that once solely belonged to Pathfinder and Octane, giving you a good and safe vantage point. He can also reach those spots a bit more quietly than the aforementioned legends, whose abilities are quite noisy. 

Once your team has come up with an attacking strategy based on your insight, Revenant works best at medium to close range during a fight. This makes shotguns and submachine guns the perfect picks. But don’t go in spraying without dropping your Silence ability, since it prevents retaliation when placed correctly. 

If it seems like your plan of attack was a miscalculation, Death Totem allows your team to escape before things get any worse. Even though Death Totem allows for a safe exit, Revenant players want to avoid open areas, since snipers can be watching and either land headshots or discover the Death Totem’s location. You also want to make sure you have a med kit with you, since you’ll want to heal yourself after you die once you escape through the Death Totem. 

Best team comps with Revenant

As you’ve probably realized, Revenant is quite the aggresor. Your teammates should go with Wraith, Octane, Pathfinder, or Bangalore if you’re looking to charge in with fast and deadly assaults. Your third teammate should opt for Wattson or Caustic for some additional protection, since they can set up defenses around the Death Totem and allow you to fully heal after disengaging.