How to make a jumpthrow bind in CS2

By William Davis


Sep 24, 2023

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Jumpthrow is a necessary bind in CSGO, but the changes in CS2 have helped bring it to pros and casual players alike.

Counter-Strike is a game of details. Grenade lineups are scoffed at by newer players, but anyone with some experience can tell you that they are a very necessary evil. Being able to smoke off key areas like Xbox on Dust 2 or stairs on Mirage is a rite of passage for many players, but Valve has always forced players to make their own jumpthrow bind as a sort of intro to custom controls. Now, with CS2 so close to release, Valve is pulling back the curtain on the hidden mechanic and giving it to everyone right out of the gate.

Valve adds automatic jumpthrow bind in CS2

While it’s still possible to make a button bind for jumpthrow in CS2, Valve has also added a new mechanic that automatically times jumpthrows by default.

Many of Valve’s changes in CS2 involve trying to keep parity between the casual experience and professional play. While most eyes are on the switch to MR12, the developer also introduced a built-in jumpthrow, so CS2 fans can replicate pro grenades without needing a bind. It’s even enabled by default.

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Simply start a grenade throw and then jump to toss the grenade on the same tick that you leave the ground. This is effectively the same jumpthrow that was most popular in Global Offensive, though if you want to add something extra to the input, you’ll need to go through the old config-based setup. If you’re more of a casual player or have always used the old jumpthrow bind, this default option should be more than enough for you.


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