How to get your Twitch Prime loot for Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact players get free Primogems, experience books, and more with Twitch Prime.

Twitch Prime subscribers can claim special bonuses in Genshin Impact with Twitch loot. Every month, miHoYo releases a new bonus pack that every eligible player can claim. Here’s how to find your own Genshin Impact Twitch loot and claim it in-game.

The first step is to have Twitch Prime. The most common way to get Twitch Prime is to subscribe to Amazon Prime. The next step is to head to your Prime Gaming loot page. This will include redemption codes and rewards for dozens of games, so use Ctrl + F to instantly find your Genshin Impact Twitch rewards.

New Genshin Impact Prime loot packages are released every month. They usually include 60 Primogems along with a few other useful materials. The drops vary between experience books, weapon enhancement materials, Mora, and food. They occasionally contain Fragile Resin, which can help you complete your battle pass weekly missions and finish up farming artifacts or weapon ascension materials.

How to redeem Genshin Impact Twitch loot codes

To redeem your Genshin Impact Twitch loot, you’ll need to copy the code from the Prime Gaming page. You should see a copy button next to the code. Once it’s on your clipboard, open up Genshin Impact and navigate to the settings menu. Click the option that says Redeem Code. Paste the copied code into the space and click Exchange to claim your rewards.

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Unlike other Genshin Impact reward codes, each Twitch redemption code is unique. Don’t share them with anyone else, especially if you haven’t used them yet. Genshin Impact Twitch loot is not directly tied to your Genshin Impact accounts, so in theory you can give your codes to friends without major risk. Just remember that they cannot redeem Twitch loot codes from the same month if they have already redeemed their own code.


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