How to get PGL Stockholm Major souvenir cases

By Fariha Bhatti


Oct 26, 2021

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The PGL Stockholm Major is finally upon us, and fans are eager to grab souvenirs for the most critical event in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. 

CSGO majors have finally returned after a long hiatus, and this brings tons of new content for fans. Unlike the random drops during streams, players must make correct guesses to unlock PGL Major Stockholm content. Players can shop the viewer pass in-game to get a Stockholm 2021 Event Coin that they can then upgrade by partaking in the Stockholm Pick’Em Challenge. 

How to get Stockholm Major souvenir cases

Grabbing the best major cases and drops is pretty simple after the new update that added a new Pick’Em challenge and souvenir drop system for the PGL Stockholm Major. A viewer pass worth $9.99 gives access to major content and activities, allowing players to earn Souvenir cases during the event.

Once you have the pass, you’ll immediately unlock your Stockholm 2021 Event Coin. The coin can be upgraded throughout the event by completing the Pick’Em challenge. Every time you upgrade your coin, you will earn a Souvenir Token that can be redeemed for a Souvenir case by visiting the match list. The souvenir you receive will feature the teams that competed in that match.

The game will determine which map collection the weapon skin comes from. For example, if you redeem a token on the Dust 2 match taking place between FaZe Clan and, you’ll get a major Souvenir package from the Dust 2 collection, a FaZe sticker, and a sticker. 

How to upgrade Stockholm 2021 event coin

You can level up the Stockholm 2021 event coin by activating your viewer pass and completing Pick’Em challenges. Complete three challenges to upgrade your coin from Bronze to Silver, and six challenges to upgrade from Silver to Gold. Your coin will be maxed out at Diamond after completing all nine challenges. Each time you upgrade your coin, you’ll get a Souvenir Token. You can save these tokens to redeem in later stages of the major. More Souvenir Tokens can be purchased directly once you have an activated your viewer pass.

If you’re planning to partake in Pick’Em challenge, you must make your picks before each stage begins. The Challenger’s Stage starts October 26, the Legends Stage begins October 30, and the Champions Stage begins November 4.

What happened to CSGO major drops?

CSGO players used to get major drops by watching major events via GOTV in the CSGO client. These souvenir drops were major-specific, but Valve has now replaced them with an in-game viewer pass that gives access to exclusive content.


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