How to get Mothim in Pokemon Go

By Melany Moncada


Mar 17, 2023

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Pokemon Go has special Pokemon that are not obtainable through regular methods. Some Pokemon require specific conditions to be caught, one of those Pokemon is Mothim. Here is how to get Mothim in Pokemon Go.

Mothim is a dual Bug and Flying type from the Sinnoh region. Mothim was released in May of 2019 alongside the Lure Modules. Pokemon Go added the shiny version of Mothim later the same year. To this date, it is one of the few Pokemon that are only available through evolution, and it is one of the possible evolutions of Burmy.

Burmy is an interesting Pokemon, it has three different forms or “cloaks” that are defined by the area where Burmy spawns. A Burmy that spawns in an area with grass, like a park, will have the plant cloak. The sandy cloak version spawns in the areas near a beach, and the trash cloak version is available in the city areas.

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The evolution of Burmy is decided based on two factors, with both gender and cloak playing a role. It can evolve into Wormadam, which has three different forms, or it can evolve into Mothim.

How to evolve Mothim in Pokemon Go

Mothim is considered a rare specimen in Pokemon Go because it is only available through evolution. It is not available in the wild, through egg hatching, or as a raid boss.

To get Mothim, the first step is to catch a male Burmy. Regardless of the form, only male Burmy can evolve into Mothim. This evolution requires 50 Burmy candies.

Catching a Pokemon grants three candies, six if you use a Pinap Berry. Burmy has a significantly low spawn rate outside of special events. Keep an eye on the Pokemon Go updates, it reveals what Pokemon will be featured in the events ahead of time. If Burmy is part of the event, prepare your Pinap Berries and Pokeballs.


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