How to get League of Legends Prime Gaming rewards for December

By Nicholas James


Dec 1, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Prime Gaming’s December offerings for League of Legends players have arrived, and there are more rewards for those who already own Amazon Prime accounts. Along with this, RiotX Arcane‘s rewards are still available until the end of the month for League of Legends players to claim. This month’s Prime Gaming rewards include Riot Points, a free skin, and more enticing offers for those taking to Summoner’s Rift.

What are the League of Legends Prime rewards for December?

The Amazon Prime Gaming rewards for December include a bunch of great options for players. Among the rewards are five champion shards, allowing players extra Blue Essence or the ability to unlock champions they don’t own for cheap. For cosmetic options, players will get one free 1,350 RP skin permanent, 650 Riot Points, and 200 orange essence.

There’s still some extra bits to top off a list of free swag with two Series One Eternals and a 30-day XP boost. This offer will remain available until December 30.

Are the Arcane rewards still available?

Riot Games’ successful animated series Arcane had a month full of rewards, easter eggs, and in-game goodies for players over the course of RiotX Arcane. While not all of the rewards associated with Arcane continue to be available, the Prime Gaming benefits are still open through December 31, which is even longer than December’s Prime Gaming rewards.

The Arcane Prime Gaming rewards will net players a Prismatic Chest in Legends of Runeterra, a Little Legends egg in Teamfight Tactics, an Arcane Jinx player card for Valorant, and two exclusive emotes in League of Legends. The two emotes depict Arcane protagonists Jinx and Vi, respectively.

Prime Gaming Rewards are available every single month in most of Riot Games’ titles for players that have already signed up to Amazon Prime. If you’re looking to nab some extra rewards, link your Amazon Prime account with your Riot Games profile to rake in the benefits.


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