Thundurus, Tornadus, and Landorus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

How to get Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus in Legends: Arceus

By Steven Rondina


Feb 11, 2022

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Landorus, Tornadus, and Thundurus are among the many legendaries that can be caught in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. But just how do you get them?

The fifth-generation trio made their way across the Pacific Ocean and landed in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. For their efforts, the Forces of Nature trio got rebranded as the “Incarnate Forces of Hisui” and got a new companion in the controversial Pokemon Enamorus.

Catching them isn’t necessarily hard, but it does require the player to advance all the way through the story and deep into the Pokemon Legends: Arceus post-game. Then there are further steps that must still be taken.

Warning: Major Pokemon Legends: Arceus story spoilers ahead.

The road to catching each of these Pokemon starts with getting request 94 from Cogita. This requires the player to clear the main story, catch the various post-game legendaries, then defeat Volo and Giratina in the Coronet Highlands. If the player heads to Galaxy Hall, they will be greeted by Cogita.

Landorus, Thundurus, and Tornadus then appear in different locations across the Pokemon Legends: Arceus world, where players can catch them. Here’s where they are and the specific conditions to get them.

How to catch Landorus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Landorus appears on Ramanas Island in the Obsidian Fieldlands after receiving request 94 from Cogita.

While Thundurus and Tornadus require specific weather conditions, Landorus roams around the island at all times. It starts by hanging around near the alpha Infernape spawn, and can lead the player on a frustrating chase all over the island. The player needs to hit it with an item then quickly send out a Pokemon to begin a battle with it. 

What is Tornadus’ location in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Tornadus appears in the Bonechill Wastes of the Alabaster Icelands during a snowstorm.

It’s worth noting that a snowstorm is different from simple snowing conditions. This can be easily identified on the map with the icon on the top left. A snowflake will denote that it’s snowing, while a snowflake with a wind icon will indicate a snowstorm.

Tornadus can be spotted in a snowstorm during Pokemon Legends: Arceus’ request 94 in the area surrounding the alpha Glalie spawn. This can make it tricky to catch the Pokemon as this guarantees at least three other irritable Pokemon will be a part of the equation before battle. If the player can bash it with an item and quickly initiate the battle they can fly away after catching Tornadus. Otherwise, the player should stash away any important items as there is some serious risk of the trainer being knocked out.

Where is Thundurus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus?

Thundurus can be found flying around the broken archway during storms in the Cobalt Coastlands.

As with Tornadus, simple rainfall won’t suffice to summon Thundurus. It needs to be an actual thunderstorm, which can be seen with the weather icon on the top left of the map. This can be tricky to find, but the player can simply sleep at camps repeatedly until the desired weather comes to fruition.

Thundurus is likely trickier to catch than Landorus and Tornadus in Pokemon Legends: Arceus. It can be found in a fairly wide area surrounding the broken archway in the southeastern corner of the Cobalt Coastlands. It can start anywhere from inside the archway to halfway to Lunker’s Lair, with its exact location being findable using the “event spawn” filter on Serebii’s page for the area. Making matters worse is that the area is rife with wild Gyarados.

Thundurus is also particularly difficult to start battling. It will fly around and throw up tornadoes that are tough to avoid while still maintaining a close distance. It’s strongly encouraged to save before engaging Thundurus, as being knocked out before battling is a real possibility.


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