How to get free Winged Cavalry Back Bling in Fortnite

By Nicholas James


Jun 17, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

There’s a fancy new free cosmetic in Fortnite, so here’s how to claim your very own Winged Cavalry Back Bling in Fortnite.

Fortnite Community Battles is an initiative to introduce the Fortnite community to new experiences and encourage them to share in the fun. This time, there’s a custom map with an associated quest. Competing in battles on the selected community map and getting enough eliminations will reward fans with a very pretty new cosmetic item. If you can’t get the quest done in time, don’t worry, as it will return to the Item Shop at a later date. From how to find the Space Battle Ultima island to claiming the skin, we’ve got you covered.

How to get free Winged Cavalry Back Bling

The Winged Cavalry Back Bling is a piece of Fortnite Back Bling inspired by Polish hussars, 16th-18th century heavy cavalry. These soldiers were often known as winged hussars, so-named for the two sets of large wing-like structures along their helmets and backs. The winged hussars were meant to intimidate and demoralize enemies, seeming like winged vengeance descending upon the battlefield. The new cosmetic hopes to do the same, giving the hussar’s wings a sleek and high-tech modern spin. The wings can be claimed by getting 50 eliminations in a specific community-made map.

The custom map for this edition of Fortnite Community Battles is Space Battle Ultima. In order to join this map, simply enter the island code 2755-0816-9868. From there, enjoy the sci-fi station and play the mode until you’ve eliminated a grand total of 50 opponents. If you’re short on time, don’t worry, you can collect all the eliminations across different matches. The map will also be used for an invitational with German and Polish content creators, fitting given the inspiration for the associated item. If you’re at all confused, check out Epic Games’ official instructions.