How to get free loot boxes in Overwatch with Prime Gaming

By Olivia Richman


Apr 28, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Overwatch is having a big week, with most of the focus on the Overwatch 2 beta and Twitch drops. Now, Blizzard has announced a sweet deal for Amazon Prime members that includes Overwatch legendary loot boxes.

Don’t forget about Overwatch 1 just yet. Amazon Prime members can now get free loot boxes for a limited time. At the moment, two free legendary loot boxes are available through Prime Gaming.

A quick glance at the blog post announcing the deal shows that this is just the first of many loot box offers for Amazon Prime members. There are two loot box drops coming in May, one in June, one in July, and then one in August.

Legendary loot boxes contain at least one legendary item and might also have loot from past events. Overwatch players with an Amazon Prime account should link their account to their account to take advantage of the offer.

What is Prime Gaming?

Prime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime, giving gamers a collection of benefits every month.

This includes free games included with Prime and exclusive in-game content and cosmetics. It also comes with Prime status on Twitch, which gives streamers exclusive Twitch colors and emotes as well as access to a crown chat badge.

What is included in the Prime Gaming Overwatch offer?

Amazon Prime members will be able to take advantage of monthly drops that run until September 2022. These include legendary, golden, and standard loot boxes over the next few months. Gold loot boxes are promotional loot boxes that include legendary cosmetics.

All of the content is immediately available in-game upon opening the loot boxes. The offer is available for players on PC and console, including Xbox, PlayStation, and even the Nintendo Switch.